Friday, May 16, 2008

DAP Salak South China Sichuan Earthquake Donation Fund 沙拉秀行动党为中国四川地震筹款


Cawangan DAP Salak South N/V. 过后会传给报章代表。



DAP Salak South N/V is organising a Donation Fund for the earthquake victims of China's Sichuan province. All cheque should be written to Cawangan DAP Salak South N/V. Proceeds will later be pass over to the media representative.

Maybank account : 564119106796 or contact : Abdullah Chong at 012-339 0903

Your kind donation is highly appreciated to ease the burden of the earthquake victims.

Thank you.


D@d@ said...

actually i don understand the picture tat mention in this blog....
hope can attach more exclusive picture to make us understand....

Yeahwho said...

Dear Comrades,

Thanks for your positive comment,will try to source better photos to suit the event.

D@d@ said...

I think better put the bank account number so that i can put the cheque easily because i don have time to give the cheque to your branch and i dono nid to giv who...and please mention the bank name....thx

Yeahwho said...

Thanks for your advice...have just added the Maybank account in my blog and contact no.

D@d@ said...

okie...i saw it already...thx 4
the cooperation...but i think you still have one more mistake tat is the chinese word of salak south is 沙叻秀新村民主行动党 not 沙拉秀....pls change it...tq